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Erotic nude massage by a ripped hairy stud..., Joe refers to himself as a "regular guy." Not too many regular guys compare...At 5'10" he is a solid 170#'s of ripped hairy muscle - a man's man. Joe is naturally masculine, very easy going and non-judgemental. His green eyes and friendly smile will immediately make you feel at ease. His arms are like tree branches - strong and thick with biceps like baseballs! When he takes his shirt off to expose his hairy chest, treasure trail and furry abs  you will be glad you're in his talented hands...

I share an erotic nude massage using a combination of Swedish, deep tissue and sensual touch techniques.
My methods provide a very intimate sensual experience for both of us. I have been practicing massage for 16 years. In the last 6 years, I stopped using a massage table and now perform on a bed - to maximize full body contact. YES, massage done on a bed IS therapeutic if executed properly.

"When I first met him I couldn't believe how much hotter he was in person than in his photos. I believe that he is hotter in person because his personality is in many ways just as appealing as his body.

My rating for Joe cannot be just rated on a 1-10 scale he has a caring way about him I have never found with any other massage therapist. That may be why many others have given him a 10+."